Thank You for your RiverFest Sponsorship!

We greatly appreciate your contribution to the Ridgway RiverFest and your support of Uncompahgre Watershed Partnership’s programs. The Uncompahgre Watershed Partnership is a 501(c)3 nonprofit based in Ouray County (EIN: 46-2946756). 

Class II to V Sponsors: Please email a high resolution logo (JPG, PNG, EPS, Ai, or Id file) plus your website address for promotional materials by July 17, 2021. (Class I sponsors will be recognized by company/organization name only so no logo is necessary.)

Silent Auction Items: Please send silent auction and trade items by August 14, 2021, by USPS shipping to UWP, P.O. Box 392, Ridgway, CO 81432 or by UPS or FedEx shipping to Tanya Ishikawa at 195 S. Lena St. Unit G, Ridgway, CO 81432.

Check Payment Option: If you chose to pay by check rather than online, please make your check payable to UWP, and mail to: Uncompahgre Watershed Partnership, P.O. Box 392, Ridgway, CO 81432 by July 28, 2021.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact RiverFest Assistant Coordinator Pamela Cannalte ( or 907-242-6262); Riverfest Coordinator Tanya Ishikawa ( or 303-819-7784).

We hope to see you at Rollans Park on the banks of the Uncompahgre River on August 28 for this year’s celebration of our watershed!



UWP Board of Directors

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