2016 Ridgway RiverFest Race Winners Announced

The top finishers who won awards in the river races at the 9th Annual Ridgway RiverFest on June 25, 2016 are listed below.

SUP (stand up paddle-boards)

1st place- Sara Ballantye

2nd place- Tyler VanArsdell

3rd place- Mo Hanna

Hard-shell Kayaks

1st place- Ben & Spirit Lochard

2nd place- James Patterson


1st place- Joe Bunavac

2nd place- Amanda Bunavac

3rd place- Sam Jaquette

Inflatable Kayaks

1st place- Emma & Chris Haaland

2nd place- Jessica and Patrick Corrigan

3rd place- Dan, Xander, Orion, Sharon Catran

Junc of the Unc

1st place- “Spoon of Doom” made and piloted by Matt and Jonah Hepp

2nd place- “Baby on Board” made and piloted by Willy Krois

3rd place- “Cudatoo” made and piloted by Weston Meylatt, Nick Hoiuta

Special recognition to Jonah Hepp “toughest kid in Ridgway”

The 2016 Ridgway RiverFest awards were crafted by artists Diedra Krois and Kellie Day.

Photos coming soon…