River Races


The Main Events at RiverFest

Everyone who comes to the Ridgway RiverFest has a chance to get WET and enjoy the river. You can wade in the eddy and along the riverbanks or play on your watercraft in the middle of the river. For those who are more competitive, we have a few river races you can join.

Junk of the Unc

Thrills and spills await brave boaters as they maneuver their junk craft through the Uncompahgre River at Rollans Park toward the finish line, about 100 feet downstream.  Winners must cross the line with most of their junk intact. Get tips and lots of information on what it takes to compete in this wacky race on the Junk of the Unc page.

Radical Rubber Ducky Races

We are uncertain yet about whether there will be Ducky races at the 2019 festival. We are brainstorming ways not to lose a bunch of rubber toys downstream in the high flows this year. If you have a creative idea, please let us know!

The return of race categories in 2019

We once again invite all manner of boat and float for the 2019 river races. Categories will include inflatables, hard shell boats, and stand up paddle boards. More information will be available in June.

NEW for 2018 & Back in 2019 – Safety Rope Bag Toss Contest

It’s going to be FUN! With a minimal entry fee of $5, you can have a chance to throw a river bag with rescue rope to our “celebrity” floating in the middle of the river. Each entrant gets three tosses. The entrant with the best and closest toss will get a RiverFest trophy as well as a souvenir metal festival cup.


Race Registration

Racers register at the UWP Booth on the day of RiverFest, between 9 and 10:15 a.m. in Rollans Park, Ridgway, Colorado.

2019 REGISTRATION FEES for the Inflatables Bonanza and Junk of the Unc:

$20 for 1 race

$30 for multiple races

$5 for each additional boat member

FREE for festival sponsors ($100 or higher sponsorship levels)


Racers are required to bring their own Watercraft, PFD, Helmet, and Appropriate Footwear, plus Registration Fee


Get a FREE t-shirt when you turn in your race bib

$10 for each additional t-shirt (discounted from $15)

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