Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about the Junk of the Unc at RiverFest

Three crusty tips for building a junk-er from experienced builder Matt Hepp:

   First,  the math works. Archemides expertly nailed the scientific law of buoyancy 2,300 years ago and it still applies today. You want just enough float to get down the river. Any extra is hubris and windage.
   Second, believe me, Cling Wrap catastrophically loses all cohesion when submersed!
   And thirdly, whatever materials you do choose to build a winning vessel, keep them TOP SECRET. Cloak-and-dagger intelligence gathering and even sabotage are the hallmarks of any cutthroat Junc on the Unc race. One can never be too careful.
More sage advice on creating a Junk of the Unc craft, from Clint Estes:
   Think outside the boat. Look around the yard and your neighbor’s yard. It’s a junk race, not a boat race. Shin guards highly recommend. 

Guidelines for the Junk of the Unc:

  • Make your river-craft out of any recycled or repurposed materials (no actual boat materials or parts, nor inner tubes, please). Contact Tanya at tanya@uncompahgrewatershed.org if you have questions about the materials you plan to use.
  • Be creative and scientific – originality, great design, floatability and resourcefulness are all important factors in performing well in the Junk of the Unc.
  • Secure your parts and materials well so we don’t have trash falling off crafts and floating down the Uncompahgre River.
  • Bring your river-craft to Rollans Park by 12 noon on Saturday, June 25. Race registration is from 11 a.m. to noon.
  • Float on  your own or have a few friends join you (there are no rules about the number of members on a Junk of the Unc team).
  • Get your craft about 50 feet down the river, ahead of the pack or with the most grace or style, and you could win one of our four awards: Fastest Junk, Most Creative/Artistic Junk, Best Youth Competitor, and Junk with the Best Use of Repurposed Materials.