2018 Ridgway RiverFest Competition Winners

Here are the winners of the competitions at the 11th annual Ridgway RiverFest on June 30, 2018. They received handcrafted trophies by Joanne Taplin of JT Custom Metalwork in Ridgway.

Junk of the Unc

  • Fastest- SERTA by Town of Ridgway team: riders Lu Hauger, Jim Courson and Chase Jones; builders Tammy  Stroup, Shay Coburn and Diedra Silbert
  • Most Creative- Rubble Rouser ridden and made by Willy Krois

Inflatables Bonanza

  • Winner in the SUP category- Sean Kearns
  • Winner for Youth category- Clarke, Indigo and Elena
  • Runner-up Winners- Scott & Elsie Hargreave; Cristia Castle; Adam McGowan; Spirit & Rainey Lochard; Jason Burnell; Dave Grossman

Safety Rope Bag Toss

  • Winner of Best Throw- Dan Catron
  • Winner of the Most-Fun-To-Watch-Toss- Marti O’Leary
  • Winner of Best Rescue Victim- John Hulburd

Rubber Ducky Race Winners

  • 1st place- Scott Gleason- Winner of Alpacka Raft
  • 2nd place- #148- winner of $50 certificate to RiverFest Silent Auction
  • 3rd place- Richard Nagel- winner of $25 certificate to RiverFest Silent Auction
  • 4th place- Portia Norton- winner of RiverFest T-shirt

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